Training & Certification Program

CCNP is the next level after CCNA, CCNP certification validates a network professional’s ability to install, configure and troubleshoot converged local & wide area networks with more than 100 nodes. Network professionals who achieve the CCNP have demonstrated the knowledge & skills required to manage the routers & switch that from the network core, as well as edge applications that integrate voice, wireless, and security in to the network.

(642-902): Implementing Cisco IP Routing(ROUTE)

  •  Scaling large networks
  • IP addressing
  •  Understanding VLSM, CIDR
  •  IPv6 addressing operations
  •  IPv6 interoperations with IPv4
  • Configuring and verifying RIP
  •  Configuring and verifying EIGRP
  •  Configuring and verifying integrated IS-IS
  • Functions and operations of OSPF in multi-areas
  •  Configuring stub, totally stub, NSSA
  • Verifying and troubleshooting OSPF
  • Route redistribution
  • Configuring DHCP services
  • Route-filtering
  •  BGP Basic concepts
  •  BGP Advanced features
  • Implementing multicast forwarding (PIM-SM,DM)
  •  IGMP

(642-813): Implementing Cisco IP Switched Network (SWITCH)

  •  The campus and Network Design
  •  Switching technologies
  •  Implementing VLAN and Trunks
  • Implementing Trunks with ISL and 802.1Q
  •  Explain the functions and operations of STP and RSTP
  • Implementing PVRST and MST
  • Inter-VLAN routing
  •  Multilayer switching
  •  Implementing Gateway redundancy with HSRP, VRRP and GLBP
  •  Configuring wireless client access
  •  Describe the client devices, network unification and mobility platforms
  •  Explain the layer 2 attacks (Mac-flooding, DHCP spooling etc)
  •  Port security, 802.1x, VACLS, PVLANS, DHCP Snooping
  • Characteristics of voice in the campus network
  • Configure and verify basic IP phone support

(642-825): Troubleshooting & maintaining Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT)

  • Troubleshoot EIGRP
  •  Troubleshoot OSPF
  •  Troubleshoot eBGP
  • Troubleshoot Routing Redistribution Solution
  •  Troubleshoot a DHCP Client & Server Solution
  •  Troubleshoot NAT
  •  Troubleshoot First HOP Redundancy protocols
  •  Troubleshoot IPv6 Routing
  •  Troubleshoot IPv6 & IPv4 Interoperability
  •  Troubleshoot Loop Prevention for the VLAN Based Solution
  •  Troubleshoot Access Port For The VLAN Based Solution
  •  Troubleshoot Private VLANS
  •  Troubleshoot Port Security
  •  Troubleshoot a VoIP Support Solution
  • Troubleshoot Layer 3 Security