GUI/EVENT Driven Programming

Visual Basic
Visual Basic is an illustrious language due to its visual environment. It is a strong contender in the application development arena. It uses window based programming, it requires dragging and dropping graphic objects onto the screen from a toolbox, which houses those objects. It is much more than just a programming language. It offers a high degree of user interaction with the help of graphical elements that form the objects on the window. You can build stand alone applications etc. It uses Active X Technology to create Internet-enabled applications.

  • The Visual Basic IDE
  • Forms & Controls
  • Event Driven Programming
  • Application Development Wizards
  •  Graphics through Visual Basic
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Understanding Code Modules
  •  Database Fundamentals
  •  Introduction to SQL
  •  Database Application Wizards
  • Data Reports
  • Active X Controls
  • Active X Code Components
  • Active X Documents